Strategic priority 3

Expanding digital capability

People and businesses who work for the government must have the skills to drive our digital transformation efforts. They must help us to create better services using established and emerging technologies.  

We will identify and describe the digital skills we need so that training, recruitment and career development is easier for the Australian Public Service. This includes programs to recruit emerging talent through internships, cadetships and graduate placements.

We are embedding these digital skills right across government. The investment is part of the Australian Government’s modernisation fund in collaboration with the Australian Public Service Commission. We expect this capability to evolve as future needs for skills emerge. Emerging needs include cloud computing management and cyber security, as well as design and research skills. We also need to identify areas where we can build new capabilities to help Australian small and medium-sized enterprises into the future.

Australian companies and their workforces will play a leading role in delivering digital transformation. We will buy value-for-money technology from around the world and apply it with Australian ingenuity and skills. The way we engage with suppliers will manage risks for government and our business partners. We are transforming our sourcing arrangements so that government is open for business. This contemporary approach to procurement is iterative and collaborative. It allows government to reduce risk in buying technology and services, and get better value for money.