About us

The DTA is responsible for strategic and policy leadership on Whole-of-Government and shared information and communications technology (ICT) investments and digital service delivery.


Driving and securing the Australian Government’s investment in Australia’s digital future.


Provide strategic and policy leadership and investment advice and oversight to drive government digital transformation that delivers benefits to all Australians.

Our role and focus

The DTA:

  • provides strategic leadership on whole-of-government and shared ICT and digital services, including sourcing and capability development
  • delivers policies, standards and platforms for whole-of-government and shared ICT and digital service delivery
  • provides advice to agencies and the Government on ICT and digital investment proposals
  • oversee significant ICT and digital investments, assurance policy and framework, and the whole-of-government digital portfolio.

Our priorities

To achieve our purpose, we will focus on 2 strategic priority areas over the next 4 years:

Direction setting

The DTA:

  • is trusted advisor on digital and ICT investment decisions
  • drives strategic whole-of-government digital policy and advice.

Implementation oversight

The DTA:

  • ensures alignment to digital strategies and priorities
  • simplifies digital procurement to reduce costs and increase reuse.

We will review our performance and achievements against the key activities identified for each priority area in the annual performance statement published in our annual report.

Further information on our purpose, roles, functions, environment, priorities and capabilities can be found in our Corporate Plan 2023-24.