Digital Government Strategy

The Digital Government Strategy (DGS) is our plan to deliver a digital government that meets and exceeds the expectations of Australians.


The DGS reflects the urgency to drive the digitalisation of government services and create an enabling environment that accelerates digital transformation across government.

Video: Building a digital Government that puts the needs of people and business first.

The vision

Our vision is to be one of the top 3 digital governments in the world by 2025. We will deliver benefits to all Australians, with sustainable foundations to retain this position going into the future.

Delivering benefits for all Australians

Digital government puts the needs of people and business first. It means going beyond having simple online services and investing in cutting-edge technology to provide a personalised experience that is stable, secure, reliable, and ultimately anticipates the needs of every user.

A digital government functions in a way that is digital by design - driven by the needs of users and making the most of data. This aspiration will change how the Australian Government functions today, and will result in significant social, policy and economic outcomes.

The DGS sharpens our focus on building capabilities that supports success for government, people and business, and demonstrates the significant progress we have made over the last few years.

The way Australia develops digital in the coming years will determine the opportunities for the APS and what we can deliver. The way we transform digital today, impacts how much public value we deliver tomorrow, and how efficiently and effectively we do this.

What we need to do

Our vision is ambitious, and therefore so is the work we need to do to get there.

We have identified 6 strategic outcomes that sit at the heart of our strategy, assisted by critical enablers. They are the building blocks essential to achieving our outcomes and driving consistency in our delivery.

Strategic Outcomes

For People and Business

  1. All Government services available digitally – Australians will be able to deal with government anywhere, anytime, on any device, for every service.
  2. Easy to access – Services will be easy to use, accessible and connected so Australians can do their government business from a single-entry point.
  3. People and business centric – Digital services will be designed for the user with a consistent look and feel and be centred around life events.

For Government

  1. Architecture alignment – Platforms and services will be connected within the Whole-of-Government Architecture.
  2. Re-use and investment – We will build a culture of reuse backed by modern digital capabilities.
  3. Digital workforce – Our government will be fit for the digital age, empowered by digital skills, capabilities and tools.

Critical enablers 

To ensure our strategic outcomes are being achieved in a sustainable and responsible manner, they will be underpinned by the following 4 priorities:

  1. Security – to protect and secure Australian interests while building trust
  2. Privacy – to ensure personal data is safe, secure and used ethically across our digital landscape
  3. Data – captured, analysed and used safely to inform service design and policy
  4. Governance – to provide accountability and ensure consistent and timely implementation of the Strategy.


The strategic outcomes are supported by a number of principles. These principles focus on what we are doing to achieve our vision:

Our principles:

  • simple
  • helpful
  • respectful
  • transparent
  • digitalised
  • connected
  • skilled
  • adaptable.

All of this effort must be supported by foundations that need to be in place, such as implementing the strategy across the Whole-of-Government, growing the digital workforce, aligning technology and investment, and modernising digital policies. These are the building blocks without which the rest of the strategy can’t happen.

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