Strategic priority 3

Government that's fit for the digital age

Printed materials on a wall.
Australians expect government to be easy to deal with and to provide smart and convenient services.

We will grow our digital skills and partner with innovative businesses to deliver the right outcomes. Where we use new platforms they will be efficient and sustainable. Finally, we must be accountable for delivering digital transformation.

To deliver on these expectations and achieve our 2025 vision, we need to uplift our digital skills and capabilities and partner with innovative organisations to deliver the right outcomes.

Our 5 objectives to be fit for the digital age are:

  1. Equip our people and Australian businesses with the skills necessary to deliver world-leading digital services.
  2. Adopt better ways of working that bring people together quickly and efficiently and reduce risk.
  3. Collaborate with other sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises, community organisations and academia.
  4. Develop sustainable platforms that we can share across government.
  5. Deliver value for people and businesses by managing costs and risks.