Our projects

We provide platforms and tools that help government agencies deliver great digital services. They include tools that improve the way people interact with government. Some of these platforms and tools are available now, and we’re developing others.

  • Hosting Strategy

    This strategy provides policy direction and guidance for the Australian Government hosting ecosystem.

  • Digital and ICT Reuse Policy

    Reuse of digital and ICT capabilities has been recognised as a priority by both Ministers and Senior Executives across the Australian Public Service.

  • Hardening Government IT Initiative and Cyber Hubs

    The Australian Government’s vision to create a secure online world for Australians, their businesses and the essential services which we all depend.

  • Digital Marketplace

    Bringing government agencies and digital sellers together to do business with each other.

  • Building digital skills across government

    The different ways we're helping develop skills in the Australian Public Service.

  • Digital identity

    Digital Identity gives Australian people and businesses a single, secure way to use government services online.

  • Platforms developed

    Helping government agencies deliver digital services and create a better user experience.

  • Secure Cloud Strategy

    A framework to help government agencies use cloud-based technology and services.

  • Protected Utility

    Helping agencies transition to cloud-based capability and deliver a consistent approach for collaboration and business operations.

  • gov.au Observatory

    The Observatory’s goal is to understand how people interact with government online and supports agencies to provide better digital services for all Australians.