Our projects

We provide platforms and tools that help government agencies deliver great digital services. They include tools that improve the way people interact with government. Some of these platforms and tools are available now, and we’re developing others.

  • Digital Marketplace

    Bringing government agencies and digital sellers together to do business with each other.

  • Building digital skills across government

    The different ways we're helping develop skills in the Australian Public Service.

  • Cloud.gov.au

    A secure cloud-based platform that helped teams build digital services quickly.

  • Data.gov.au

    Making it easy to find and use data from government agencies and other organisations.

  • Digital identity

    Digital Identity gives Australian people and businesses a single, secure way to use government services online.

  • Digital Service Platforms Strategy

    This strategy is intended to provide guidance for Australian Government departments and agencies who create or manage digital service platforms.

  • Domainname.gov.au

    A service to help government agencies set up and maintain their website domain names.

  • Google Analytics for government

    Our contract makes it easier and cheaper for agencies to analyse their website data.

  • GovX

    Seamless, connected government services to improve people’s user experience during key life events.

  • Hosting Strategy

    This strategy provides policy direction and guidance for the Australian Government hosting ecosystem.

  • Media Release Service

    Collecting government media releases and sending them out to subscribers each day.

  • National Map

    A site that gives easy access to map-based data from government agencies.

  • Performance Dashboard

    Promoted government transparency by making service data open and accessible

  • Platforms developed

    Helping government agencies deliver digital services and create a better user experience.

  • Secure Cloud Strategy

    A framework to help government agencies use cloud-based technology and services.

  • Style Manual

    The first-ever digital edition of the Australian Government Style Manual.

  • myGov

    Allows people to carry out transactions with government in one place with a single login.

  • Australia.gov.au

    A directory of government information and services all listed on one website.

  • Hardening Government IT Initiative and Cyber Hubs

    The Australian Government’s vision to create a secure online world for Australians, their businesses and the essential services which we all depend.

  • Protected Utility

    Helping agencies transition to cloud-based capability and deliver a consistent approach for collaboration and business operations.

  • gov.au Observatory

    The Observatory identifies problems for people using government services and uses analysis techniques to understand where people might encounter these problems.