Help and advice

We provide help in many different ways for government agencies and the people who work for them.

Other content in this section

  • About the Digital Service Standard

    A set of best-practice principles for designing and delivering government services.

  • Build and improve services

    Find out how to create the right team for building simple, clear and fast services.

  • Technologies

    Guidance on blockchain and how government agencies can use cloud-based services.

  • Digital Summit and Awards 2020

    A unique opportunity to join digital leaders and practitioners, make connections, and see first‑hand what is happening in digital across government and industry .

  • Digital and ICT investments

    We oversee government investment in digital and information and communications technology.

  • Communities of practice

    Our communities of practice are networks, forums and groups to share ideas, show work, solve problems and explore best practice for those working in the same field in government.

  • Guides and tools

    Our guides and tools help you design, deliver and manage government services, and help teams meet the Digital Service Standard.


  • Learning and development

    Training, coaching and mentoring programs to help build digital skills in government.

  • ICT procurement

    How we help government agencies to buy information and communication technology (ICT).

  • co-Lab and events

    Our events and training sessions help you build skills and learn from industry leaders.  

  • Digital Career Pathways

    Digital Career Pathways is transforming the way we see digital careers across the APS.

  • Digital Profession

    Improving the digital expertise of individuals, organisations and the APS workforce to meet digital capability needs in government.

  • Uplifting Digital Sourcing Capability

    We support digital sourcing practitioners to uplift their capability.