Help and advice

We provide help in many different ways for government agencies and the people who work for them.

  • Digital and ICT investments

    We oversee government investment in digital and information and communications technology.

  • ICT procurement

    We set up and manage ICT procurement initiatives on behalf of the Australian Government.

  • Digital Experience Toolkit

    Find out how to create simple, clear and fast digital government services.

  • Digital Capability Assessment Process (DCAP)

    The DCAP makes sure digital proposals coming forward in Budget are aligned with Cabinet-agreed digital policies and standards.

  • Technologies

    Guidance on blockchain and how government agencies can use cloud-based services.

  • Benefits Management Policy

    The Benefits Management Policy (BMP) standardises benefits management practices for whole-of-government digital and ICT-enabled investments.

  • Communities of practice

    Communities of practice are a place for government specialists, practitioners and leaders to share ideas, solve problems, connect and work in the open.

  • Guides and tools

    Our guides and tools help you design, deliver and manage government services, and help teams meet the Digital Service Standard.

  • Digital review

    The Digital Review delivers a baseline measurement of digital capability across the APS.