Strategic priority 3

Developing modern infrastructure

Digital platforms will play an important role in our digital transformation. They will provide reusable, common business services to accelerate digital adoption across government.  

We are working to build common platforms that make it easy to deal with government. They enables different agencies to work together and deliver joined-up services for you. This will also reduce the costs and risks to our digital transformation.

To make government fit for the digital age, we also need to learn from and partner with innovative companies from Australia and across the globe.

The way we are transforming our sourcing is driving more productive partnerships with businesses and introducing more competition. This also drives down costs. For example, the Digital Marketplace makes it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to compete for government contracts.

Encouraging competition through the Digital Marketplace

We are adopting policies that encourage competition. In particular, we want Australian small and medium-sized enterprises that are innovative and flexible to be competitive in providing new services.

Our Digital Marketplace connects small and medium-sized enterprises with government buyers. We’ve already awarded more than 1,100 contracts valued at over $300 million, with 75% of these being awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises. Digital Marketplace is increasing the opportunity for these businesses to compete for government contracts. We will continue to adapt the Digital Marketplace so it remains fit for purpose. It will continue to provide value for money and reduce risk for the Australian Government in the evolving digital sector.