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Identity assurance

Helping users interact with government securely

Users of digital government services need to be able to sign in securely and conveniently to access services and records, and be confident that their data is secure and their privacy protected. Government also needs to be confident that users are who they say they are. Identity assurance is a means of delivering the required confidence to both users and government.

We are working across government and with the private sector to develop a Trusted Digital Identity Framework (the Framework) to support the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda.

Existing Australian Government and state and territory identity policy frameworks will need to be accommodated under the Framework. At the Australian Government level these include:

The Trusted Digital Identity Framework will establish the overarching requirements, structure, governance arrangements and interoperable standards for a trusted Australian digital identity system to ensure it is scalable, secure, simple to use and fair.

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Last updated: 16 November 2017