myGov update — seeking a strategic partner

20 March 2020

On Friday 13 March 2020, we advised we are looking for a systems integrator with hosting and software partnerships. Here is some more details on what we’re looking for.

We’re looking to engage a strategic partner to help us deliver a platform to coordinate access to government information and services.

We released the opportunity through the Digital Marketplace. It will stay open until 6pm AEST on 15 April 2020.

The following information provides further detail on the type of partner we are looking for. You will also find more information in the downloadable documentation.

  1. The myGov Update builds upon existing technical platforms maintained by Services Australia.
  2. We are currently developing new functionality for myGov Updates. This includes notification services, integration with the myGov Inbox API and light-touch content personalisation. We expect these functions will be progressed and iterated on as part of this work.
  3. We expect IRAP assessments at key stages of the solution’s development, as new functionality and broader integration work comes online.
  4. A technology-agnostic, modular approach to this solution has the potential to provide us with the most flexibility to extend and adapt over time in response to evolving user and business needs
  5. Given the public scope and visibility of this work, we expect the solution to demonstrate high levels of availability, security and support for privacy and consent controls.

RFQ documentation

The following RFQ documentation will provide you with further important information.

Advice to sellers

  • Sellers can provide multiple delivery options within their response to this opportunity.
  • Sellers must respond to this request through the Digital Marketplace.
  • Only the systems integrator needs to be on the Digital Marketplace.
  • We have included enough time in the schedule to allow sellers to join the Digital Marketplace through the standard application process.

Industry briefing

We will be holding an industry briefing from 10am to 12pm on Monday 23 March 2020. Registrations for the industry briefing are now open. We have already developed a prototype demonstrating the platform’s customer service and integration capabilities as shown in the Services Australia vision video. We will demonstrate the prototype at the industry briefing.

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