Funding for cloud

Using cloud-based services may mean changes for the way you fund your work.

Capital to operational expenses

Cloud as an on-demand service is an operational expense. In the past hardware and software were usually capital expenses.

Traditional budget cycles don’t always suit agile ways of working.

This may mean your agency needs to change the way it allocates budget.

Allocating funding for cloud

You may be able to fund smaller cloud-based projects by finding savings in other areas.

For larger projects you may want to apply to convert capital funds. You'll need a business case that aligns the benefits of using cloud services with your agency’s goals.

Like using an office space, sometimes renting is better value for money than buying because it gives you more flexibility. This can often be the case with cloud.

For advice about increasing your operational expense allocation, contact:

  • your agency’s finance team
  • your Agency Advice Unit at the Department of Finance
  • the DTA's Secure Cloud team

Public cloud first

The Secure Cloud Strategy recommends agencies use public cloud. Public cloud is available to the public, government or large industry groups. It can provide fast and competitive options for agencies.

Please email if your agency thinks it can't use public cloud.

Decide how much control and flexibility your cloud program needs then choose a supplier.

Cloud hosting options

Cloud hosting can be a major investment. These options cover most government work:

  • software as a service
  • platform as a service
  • infrastructure as a service

Software as a service

Software as a service is software by subscription. These services are simple and easy to use. You may need to backup your data for archiving.

Platform as a service

Platform as a service lets you develop and run your applications without managing the operating system.

It lets you make the best use of your developers’ time. They can focus on writing software that meets user needs.

Your architecture will need to meet supplier requirements. You may need to change the way your system is designed.

Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a service lets you build complex systems. It is the most flexible hosting model.

You’ll need people in your team with technical infrastructure skills and time to manage this service.

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