Secure Cloud Strategy

We want to make it easier for government to invest in cloud technology. Using cloud can improve resilience, lift productivity and deliver better services.

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What this strategy does

In 2017 we worked with other government bodies and industry to develop the Secure Cloud Strategy. The strategy focuses on helping government agencies use cloud technology.

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An overview of the strategy

Cloud technology and services provide a number of benefits. They can:

  • increase the speed of delivering new platforms
  • allow for continuous improvement
  • provide easier access to services
  • reduce the effort needed for maintenance and allow agencies to focus on improving service delivery

We developed the Secure Cloud Strategy to help agencies move towards a more agile method of service improvement.

The strategy provides the framework for change so that all agencies can make use of what cloud has to offer. It prepares agencies for the shift to cloud and supports them through the transition.

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Key points

The strategy's key initiatives are:

  • agencies will develop their own cloud strategies to suit their own needs
  • 7 principles will guide agencies as they develop their own strategies
  • it moves towards a layered certification model
  • it aligns cloud services procurement to the recommendations from the ICT procurement review
  • a common assessment framework will make cloud system requirements clearer
  • a new model for contracts will make responsibilities and accountabilities of cloud providers clear
  • the DTA will develop a platform to share knowledge and expertise of cloud products and services
  • we'll lift cloud skills and expertise in the Australian Public Service (APS) through existing and new programs
  • we'll explore and develop shared platforms that different services can use, reducing duplication

We'll lead these initiatives using our in-house expertise. We'll provide guidance and support and develop a best-practice community to build skills and confidence within the APS.

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Read the full strategy

Download the full Secure Cloud Strategy (.pdf, 768KB)

The strategy replaces the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy which was released in 2014. We took over responsibility for that policy from the Department of Finance in December 2016.

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