Digital Capability Assessment Process (DCAP)

The DCAP (formerly known as the Digital Capability Standards [DCS]) is the process the DTA applies to contest digital proposals coming forward in the Budget process to ensure they are aligned with Cabinet-agreed digital policies and standards.

The DCAP underpins the Contestability state of the Digital and ICT Investment Oversight Framework which occurs in the lead up to a proposal being presented for Cabinet decision. Digital and ICT-enabled proposals are contested through the DCAP to ensure they are robust, align to common minimum standards, and include fit-for-purpose assurance, in order to meet the Australian Government’s digital and ICT objectives.

The DCAP must be applied to all Digital and ICT-enabled investment proposals which use technology as the primary lever for achieving expected outcomes and benefits. This includes investments which transform the way people and businesses interact with the Australian Government, or that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Australian Government operations. Entities must consult early with the DTA when their proposal meets the following criteria: 

  • any investment brought forward by Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities and, where specifically requested by the Minister responsible for the Digital Transformation Agency, a Corporate Commonwealth Entity
  • they are bringing forward an investment with ICT costs
  • they are bringing forward the investment for Government consideration as a new policy proposal.

DCAP digital policies and standards

As part of the Budget process, Government requires that all digital and ICT investment proposals comply with the following whole-of-government digital and ICT policies and standards (DCAP Areas):

The DCAP Agency Guide is used to assist agencies in understanding the context and purpose of the DCAP, and to guide agencies in using the DCAP Assessment Tool with further information on each digital and ICT policy and standard. 

When should I speak to the DTA about completing the DCAP?

Agencies and entities bringing forward proposals are advised to speak to the DTA as early as possible. Early engagement with the DTA will allow us to help you design and shape your proposals to comply with relevant digital and ICT policies and standards and best support the realisation of the Government’s digital transformation agenda.

For further information about the DCAP, or to begin engagement on a policy proposal you are developing, write to