Buying cloud services

The Cloud Marketplace makes it easier for government agencies to use cloud services and for suppliers to work with government.

The Cloud Marketplace is a cooperative procurement arrangement, listing over 200 sellers that provide more than 500 different cloud services. The Cloud Marketplace was established in 2015 through an open approach to market, and periodic refreshes. The sellers on the Cloud Marketplace have been selected through a detailed evaluation process to assess their ability to deliver cloud services to government.

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What is this panel?

The Cloud Marketplace is a panel of suppliers who provide the following:

  • software as a service
  • platform as a service
  • infrastructure as a service
  • specialist cloud-related professional services such as consulting

The term ‘as a service’ means that buyers do not buy the software, platform or infrastructure itself. Instead, buyers pay suppliers for the ability to use these products.

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Who can use this panel

All Australian Government agencies and state and territory government agencies can use the panel to buy cloud services.

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Using this panel

To use this panel you’ll need to register on the ICT Procurement Portal.

The portal is an online catalogue that connects government buyers with panel suppliers.

You’ll find further instructions on how to use the panel after you’ve registered on the portal.

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Policy information

You should use the Cloud Marketplace in conjunction with the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy. The strategy focuses on preparing agencies for using cloud technology and on supporting them as they start to use it.

Government buyers who use the Cloud Marketplace must still comply with the following policies and processes:

Standing offer number

The standing offer notice ID number for the Cloud Marketplace is SON2914302.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions you can send an email to or call 02 6120 8705.