The Operations state (State 6) of the Australian Government Digital and ICT Oversight Framework underpins effective decision making by providing information and analysis on the operations of the Australian Government’s digital and ICT landscape.

What happens at this state?

The Operations state provides regular analysis of the Australian Government’s digital and ICT landscape, informing and enabling each state of the Investment Oversight Framework.

Why is this important?

We routinely collect data from Australian Government entities about their digital and ICT investments and augment this with other datasets to create rich insights.

This data gives us intelligence and longitudinal analysis on the size, health and maturity of the government’s investment landscape.

The information we collect includes:

  • adoption of emerging technology and trends
  • reuse and shared capabilities
  • personnel allocation, skills demand and workforce pressures
  • lead and lag indicators of delivery confidence and project success
  • profile balance between innovation, growth and maintenance investment.

What do agencies need to do?

Agencies routinely provide us with data about their digital and ICT investments throughout their lifecycle. This data informs the strategic advice we provide to the Australian Government.

What will the DTA do?

The information we collected is an important evidence base for strategic advice on digital and ICT.

The data is provided to Australian Government’s decision-making bodies, such as the Secretaries’ Data and Digital Committee and Digital Leadership Committee.

The data supports and informs:

  • the Australian Government Architecture's current direction based on the effectiveness of its application and future guardrails for best technology implementation
  • all states of the Investment Oversight Framework from planning and policy development, through to Budget processes and assurance activities
  • ad hoc analysis for Australian Government agencies including digital and ICT investment decisions and policymaking.