The Prioritisation state (State 2) of the Commonwealth Digital and ICT Oversight Framework supports prioritisation of digital and ICT-enabled investments across the Australian Government.

What happens at this state?

As part of the prioritisation process, the DTA works with Commonwealth agencies to:

  • identify the pipeline of proposed longer-term digital and ICT-enabled investments,
  • analyse the whole-of-government pipeline of investments to identify gaps and reuse opportunities and improve the visibility of future projects across the Australian Public Service,
  • prioritise investment proposals against the Government’s digital and ICT objectives, and
  • through the pipeline, deliver a whole-of-government Multi-Year Investment Plan across a 3-to-5-year horizon to support the Government to strategically plan what to invest in and when.

What do agencies need to do?

The prioritisation process relies on agencies engaging with the DTA prior to the beginning of the Budget process to identify proposed investments to form the 10-year pipeline. The pipeline is then assessed by the DTA and Commonwealth agencies through a prioritisation process to form structured advice to the Government.

What the DTA will do

The prioritisation process involves an assessment of each proposal against the 5 missions of the Data and Digital Government Strategy along with a general prioritisation criteria set:

  • Delivering for people and Business
    • Does the proposal improve the ease of individual's engagement with government
    • Does the proposal deliver of efficiencies for businesses, industry and other organisations
  • Simple and seamless services
    • Does the proposal improve government productivity 
    • How aligned is the proposal to the Australian Government Architecture
  • Government for the future
    • Does the proposed investment contribute to the positioning of government to be fit for the digital age and respond to longer term emerging digital and ICT needs
    • The extent to which the proposed investment delivers on government priorities 
  • Trusted and secure
    • The extent to which the proposed investment safeguards the security of government information 
    • The extent to which the proposal enhances governments reputation and trust
  • Data and Digital foundations
    • Does the proposal promote data sharing and enable integration with other government agencies
    • Is there good evidence of planning that improves the likelihood of project success
    • Has the proposal engaged with the system of assurance 
  • General Prioritisation
    • Rigour of cost estimates
    • Maturity of benefit analysis
    • Consideration of implementation risk
    • Dependency mapping

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