What’s going to change for business owners?

Mary-Anne does not see government as supporting her business. She prefers to seek advice from friends, colleagues and third parties. She perceives the government and its complex information, regulations and processes as a barrier to growing her business. She feels frustrated by the need to work out which level of government she has to deal with for different issues.  

The business is time-consuming and she cannot afford to spend time on things that do not deliver immediate value to her business. She prefers to engage with third parties to find out what she needs to do, to save her time and worry.

Her goal is to expand her existing business. She wants to open another store and scale her offering to keep up with growing and changing customer demand. She is unsure how the regulations and processes differ from state to state. She wants to make sure she can make informed decisions on the future of her business.

Running a business in 2018

Mary-Anne is unsure of the local and state regulations and processes that may impact her business if she expands.

She speaks to banks, friends and various experts to understand the opportunities for growth. She later finds out that her state government offers free advice for businesses.

She needs to understand the government regulations she has to meet. She visits multiple websites but the advice is confusing. She decides to get an accountant to help her translate the information.

Her accountant lets her know she is eligible for a government incentive. However, the application process is lengthy. Her accountant sometimes misses updates as he needs to log-in to check for notifications.

She needs to hire more staff but she worries about the regulations and processes involved. She consults a lawyer to make sure she is doing the right thing. She struggles to stay on top of dealing with multiple government agencies and the need to keep providing the same information.

A business owner standing in front of a store.

Running a business in 2025

Local, state and federal information are joined up, making it easier for Mary-Anne to expand her business across the country.

Mary-Anne has a single online view of all the relevant information she needs. The information is clear, simple and relevant to her. This means she can spend more time on understanding advice to develop the vision for her business.

She is now aware of government regulations that apply to her and is confident she knows how to meet them.

She receives a message from government that she is eligible for an incentive. She receives a notification that this will be paid into her account and when she needs to provide information. These government notifications are in the one place.

Mary-Anne’s accountant is able to access and update information easily and securely on her behalf. Mary-Anne has visibility of this and is able to tailor what her accountant can access. This also means she gets consistent messaging from her accountant and government.

As her business grows, Mary-Anne is able to nominate a staff member to handle the account.