Strategic priority 1

Intuitive and convenient services

For many people, visiting a government shopfront is becoming a fading memory. Instead, more and more Australians prefer and expect to interact with us online.  

Australia has seen an enormous uptake of digital devices like smartphones, tablets and computers. There's been a surge in popularity of smart speakers that use voice recognition, smart watches and other smart appliances. Many organisations are now tailoring their services so people can use these devices to interact with them.

We are already investing in technology, such as virtual smart assistants, to make it easy to use our online services. We will continue to develop and refine them so you can get real-time help when you need it.

Well-designed services are easier for disadvantaged Australians to use. For example, voice recognition and virtual assistants can improve access for some people with disabilities. They can also bring services closer to those living in remote areas. This helps to avoid the time and cost of travelling to and from a government shopfront.

At the same time, we know that some people cannot access or use digital services at all. We will continue to offer choice for everyone. You will be able to interact with us online through your favourite device, by phone or by visiting a shopfront.

Interact with Alex, our virtual smart assistant

When you visit the Australian Taxation Office website you can interact any time of the day with Alex, a virtual smart assistant. Alex has had more than 3 million conversations with Australian Taxation Office clients since 2016, resolving 88% of queries on first contact. Calls, which can only be made during office hours, reduced by 15% in that time.