Strategic priority 1

Integrated services supporting your needs and life events

Currently, when events happen in your life you need to deal with multiple agencies or government layers. You need to fill in multiple forms or respond to different requirements.  

For example, if you’re having a baby then you may want to:

  • find a midwife
  • register your baby’s birth
  • apply for child care benefits
  • see your baby’s health records

We must make these services accessible and link them together for you.

We are re-thinking the way we design services to remove this complexity and make it easy to deal with us. We will connect government services behind the scenes and offer you a seamless way to get what you need, when you need it.

In practice, this means redesigning services around your needs, not ours, for life events such as having a baby.

We also recognise that you want a consistent experience when dealing with government. This is regardless of whether the service comes from federal, state or territory agencies. We are developing ways to do this. We will remove the cost and inefficiencies of duplicate services across multiple agencies and layers of government.

The Australian Digital Council is bringing together ministers who are responsible for data and digital transformation across federal, state and territory governments. This collaboration will drive smarter service delivery and improve policy outcomes on data and digital transformation initiatives.