Strategic priority 1

Digital identity for easy and secure access

One of the biggest barriers to convenient, end-to-end digital government services is having to repeatedly prove your identity online. As a result, you may have up to 30 different logins for different government services.  

We are developing a digital identity system which will make proving who you are convenient, easy and secure. If you ask us to, we will merge the logins that you currently have. This will enable you to use a single digital identity for your services. It will be easier and more convenient. We call this digital identity myGovID.

We are currently testing myGovID through a series of pilots. To make these benefits available as quickly as possible we are focusing on high volume services first, as shown in the roadmap.

In the future, myGovID will be one of a number of accredited identity providers. You will be able to choose the provider you use to access government services online. These could include the Australia Post Digital iD or one issued by your bank.

Tell Us Once

If you opt-in to have a digital identity, we will be able to synchronise your records across government, if you want us to. For example, if you change your address and give us permission, we will update all of your linked government records for you. You will only need to tell us once.