Our Communities of Practice have moved

4 November 2019

The Service Design in Government and Content Design in Government groups have moved to our Communities of Practice platform at community.digital.gov.au

We’ve moved 2 of our popular digital practice forums to our Communities of Practice platform.

We’ve also created a new open community of practice to build opportunities for collaboration across government and industry.

Welcome to the communities of practice

We run over a dozen digital communities of practice focused on different roles and subject matter, including on the Australian Government Design System, open data and life events. These groups help people in government come together to share best practice, discuss challenges, stories of success and failure, and support and inspire each other.

It’s important for agencies to work together in the Australian Public Service. This means we can reduce duplication and build on each other’s skill sets to improve the quality of services.

The communities also help government to follow the Digital Transformation Strategy in finding better ways of working that bring people together quickly and efficiently and reduce risk.

Join the Research and Design and Content communities

The Research and Design Community of Practice and the Content Community of Practice welcome practitioners, leaders and anyone interested in these practices at all levels of government to share ideas, solve problems, connect to peers and work in the open.

You can join by creating an account at https://community.digital.gov.au. You will need a government email address to join either community.

New Cross-discipline Community of Practice

We’re experimenting with a new community of practice to meet interest in open discussion and support collaboration across disciplines.

The Cross-discipline Community of Practice is open to everyone to join — no government email required — to talk about common issues and problems for anyone working in or interested in digital disciplines:

  • strategies for how different disciplines collaborate
  • agile ways of working
  • how different roles approach the Digital Service Standard

We’d love it if you could let your colleagues know, including product managers, delivery managers and developers.

We’re keen to see if this new community makes it easier for government and industry to work together and encourage collaboration across the sectors.

Further information and feedback

Find out more about this and our other communities of practice

Please email feedback to designresearch@dta.gov.au

For media enquiries email us at media@dta.gov.au

For other enquiries email us at info@dta.gov.au