Digital Marketplace reaches $2b milestone 

5 August 2020

The Digital Marketplace plays an important role in digital sourcing transformation. It removes barriers to make it easier for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) doing business with government. We’ve recently achieved the $2 billion milestone, showing the ongoing strength of the Digital Marketplace and continued transformation of the buyer and seller experience.

It is now simpler for SMEs and start-ups to gain access to and win government digital contracts. The Digital Marketplace offers a quick and simple process to join and sell to government buyers. This process is fit for purpose, especially for early-stage start-ups and scale-ups at state and federal level.

As of 31 July 2020, we have reported over $2.2 billion of contracts to AusTender, with over $1.5 billion awarded to SMEs. This represents a four-fold increase in total contract value since July 2019. There are over 2,700 sellers, 90% of which are SMEs, with 2,600 buyers from all government jurisdictions. We have published over 4,300 opportunities on the Digital Marketplace.

The Digital Marketplace is an important initiative driving our broader digital sourcing transformation. It continues to iterate and improve the buyer and seller experience, with further improvements planned for the service.

We have simplified and consolidated panel arrangements in line with the Digital Sourcing Framework for ICT Procurement. This has improved the sourcing experience for both buyers and sellers.

We operate marketplaces providing digital products and services to buyers of digital services, software, hardware, telecommunications, and cloud services.

Marketplaces are ‘open often’ to make sure government is always open for business. Based on user feedback, we iterate our marketplaces and continue to meet industry and government needs and expectations. 

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