Consultation and submissions on the taskforce report

Find out how we consulted about the ICT Procurement Taskforce Report and read the submissions we received.

ICT procurement reforms

The ICT Procurement Taskforce has consulted widely with industry and across government to determine how best to simplify, consolidate and coordinate ICT procurement.

The report outlines a series of recommendations that will make it simpler and faster to do business with government.

Download the report (PDF, 572KB)

Read the government's response

Message from the Minister

23 August 2017

Since late 2016 the ICT Procurement Taskforce has consulted widely across industry and government agencies.

The taskforce had 2 clear objectives: make it easier and less expensive for businesses to contract with the Australian Government and to deliver more and better government services at a lower cost.

The report of the taskforce makes it clear that, although the Commonwealth’s procurement model is robust and meets most needs, more can be done for ICT procurement and SMEs.

We want to foster an entrepreneurial spirit across the ICT industry and provide those smaller businesses with greater opportunity to work with government to provide innovative solutions.

The Australian Government is committed to reforming procurement processes and principles, and partnering closely with industry to build the better digital government services Australians need.

The Hon Angus Taylor MP
Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation

How we consulted

The taskforce consulted with organisations and individuals working in the digital technology sector.

This included SMEs and startups, larger industry organisations and associations, researchers and other interested individuals or groups.

The taskforce held a range of engagement activities as part of this review including:

  • 5 round-tables with industry and government stakeholders
  • 32 one-on-one consultations with ICT businesses including start-ups and small to medium enterprises
  • 20 discussions with representatives from state and federal government

Download the consultation paper (PDF, 817KB)


The submissions we received informed the recommendations outlined in the report.

We've published the submissions in the format they were received so they may not be accessible. Get in touch with us if you need help accessing these documents.

Download the submissions

Acronym IT (PDF, 72KB)

Anonymous submission (DOCX, 27KB)

Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) (PDF, 479KB)

ArenaCore (PDF, 840KB)

Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) (PDF, 388KB)

Assured Digital Group (ADG) (PDF, 1MB)

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) (PDF, 386KB)

Centre for Appropriate Technology (DOCX, 24KB)

CSC Australia (PDF, 656KB)

Deloitte (PDF, 530KB)

Dr Grey (DOCX, 24KB)

Dr McIsaac (PDF, 111KB)

Edgelabs (DOCX, 25KB)

Hyperscalers (PDF, 1MB)

Macquarie Telecom Group (PDF, 167KB)

Media Access Australia (226KB)

Microsoft (DOCX, 136KB)


National Archives (PDF, 470KB)

Oracle (PDF, 737KB)

Safecoms (PDF, 293KB)

Salesforce (PDF, 271KB)

Sanctuary Digital (DOCX, 23KB)

Tyro (PDF, 166KB)

ViewDS (PDF, 292KB)

Yellowfin (PDF, 273KB)



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