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Objective 1 — You will be able to access all government services digitally by 2025

Objective status
In progress

Our goal is to make all the information and services Australians need and expect, available digitally, simply and easily. Many services are now available online, with more on the way, as we develop the required policy, technology, expertise and infrastructure. We will continue to invest in creating and developing the digital platforms to meet your needs across all government services as we move toward 2025.

We are seeing an increase in the number of people using digital services daily as digital access to government services improves. For example:

68 high-volume transaction services

We’ve identified 68 high-volume transaction services. These services each have over 50,000 transactions per year. Nearly all of these have a digital option.

16.7m active myGov accounts

myGov is making it easier for Australians to access their personal government services digitally. There were over 16.7 million active myGov accounts at 23 October 2019.

41% increase in daily logins

There was an increase of 41% in use of myGov to over 500,000 daily logins in 2018 to 2019.

A user holding their mobile device in their left hand while using a website with their right hand.

Our goal is to make all the information and services Australians need and expect, available digitally, simply and easily.

Case studies


myGov provides a single place to access personal government services. It is our largest and most recognised government platform, with approximately 500,000 logins each day. As a myGov user, you can access services from multiple agencies in one place and with one login. For example, if you receive income support, you can use myGov to report your income each week. You can use your Medicare account through myGov to claim Medicare benefits when you visit the doctor. You can also submit your tax return through myGov.

We’re making improvements to make it easier for you to access the services you need when you need them. You will be able to use your digital identity to log into myGov by mid-2020.

Digital Transformation Agency

A simpler digital experience when dealing with Government

A modern digital platform for welfare services has transformed the experience of students, job seekers, carers, people with a disability and older Australians. These improvements support greater self-service, simplify processes and provide an easier customer experience.

For example, customers previously had to complete an entire claim form, even if the information was already known to the department. Now, reduced and simplified questions within digital claims save customers time with fewer, more targeted questions.

Services Australia


MyService provides a new digital way for veterans and their families to access the Department of Veteran’s Affairs services. Launched in 2017, the platform is a simple, intuitive digital solution that allows you to update their details, view your digital Veteran Card and submit claims digitally, providing an almost immediate decision on some claims.

In November 2019, MyService achieved over 100,000 registered users who had submitted over 69,000 claims. MyService has streamlined certain claim types reducing the existing paper-based forms containing over 40 questions to only 3-7 questions online. You can also choose to link MyService to your myGov account for even greater ease of access.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Making Medicare easier

Since March 2019, new parents have enrolled nearly 15,000 newborn children in Medicare through the Digital Newborn Enrolment service. This easy-to-use digital process removes the need for parents to visit a Service Centre. It’s saving time for parents when they need it most, so they can spend time with their newborn.

We’ve also redesigned the Medicare website to make it simpler for you to quickly find the information you need. It’s now easier than ever to get a Medicare card with 71% of people able to complete the application on their mobile — up from 15%. There’s also a 75% increase in people finding the information they need more easily. These results show the value of digital solutions that put customers at the centre of design.

Services Australia

Business Registration Service

The Business Registration Service is a digital solution that saves businesses time and money. It’s a simpler, clearer, faster way to digitally register a business. It reduces the average time to complete an application from 65 minutes to 16 minutes. Sole traders saved nearly 193,945 hours over the last financial year. You can also apply for an ABN and apply for the tax registrations you need quickly.

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