Benefits Management Policy

The Benefits Management Policy (BMP) helps agencies deliver digital and ICT outcomes by standardising benefits management practices for whole-of-government digital and ICT-enabled investments. 

The Benefits Management Policy defines how benefits must be managed across the Australian Government digital and ICT portfolio. The BMP outlines:

  • the requirements for investment oversight
  • best-practice guidance on benefits management.

This first iteration of the Benefits Management Policy integrates with the ‘Contestability’ state of the Investment Oversight Framework (IOF). In its final form, the policy will complement the full framework putting benefits at the centre of how investments are planned, prioritised, contested and assured. 

Who it is for

Best practice benefits management principles are applied equally across investments regardless of size, scale or complexity. All digital and ICT-enabled investment proposals are expected to address and define:

  • the purpose of the investment
  • the anticipated outcomes
  • how improvements are measured against outcomes
  • how improvements are monitored and optimised.

Our Investment Advisors have some discretion over the level of detail and documentation expected for each investment, provided all Digital Capability Assessment Process (DCAP) assessment criteria is met.

Tools, templates and frequently asked questions

The Benefits Management Taskforce has released guidance and tools as well as frequently asked questions to help agencies comply with the BMP. We regularly update guidance to help agencies understand their requirements and how they're assessed in the DCAP.

Benefits Management Taskforce

The Benefits Management Taskforce was established in March 2023 to lead the development and implementation of the BMP. Agencies can contribute to the Taskforce on short to medium-term rotations.

Agency participation helps us leverage existing best-practice and make sure the BMP can be readily adopted and applied when agencies are best positioned to adapt proposals, such as early in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) process.  

Engage with us

Agencies are required to engage with us at the earliest opportunity when preparing digital and ICT-enabled investment proposals. This ensures there is sufficient time to work with agencies to make sure proposals align and comply with relevant whole-of-government digital and ICT policies and standards.

More information

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Download the BMP

 Download the Benefits Management Policy (PDF, 295KB)