ICT procurement

Responsibility for some whole of government ICT procurement moved from the Department of Finance to the Digital Transformation Agency in May 2017. This move gives the DTA greater strategic oversight of ICT procurement across government.

Our role is to set up and oversee arrangements to purchase some of the ICT products and services to satisfy whole of government needs. We also provide advice and guidance to government agencies about how to develop sound ICT contracts.

See ICT procurement updates

Coordinated procurement

We identify opportunities where government agencies can pool resources to buy products and services through a coordinated procurement arrangement. This makes it easier and cheaper for agencies to buy ICT products and services.

When the government wants to buy ICT products or services, a tender is put out for expressions of interest from suppliers. Following an assessment of these suppliers, which includes a value for money evaluation, some suppliers will be selected to join the procurement panel. A government agency can then buy a product or service directly from this panel without having to go through a new procurement process.

Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities are required to use coordinated procurement arrangements where they exist.

We manage the following ICT procurement panels:

The DTA also manages the Cloud Services Panel which government organisations can choose to use.

SourceIT model contracts

Source IT model contracts are a suite of templates to help agencies develop sound commercial ICT agreements. They encourage good business practice and minimise the risk of conflict and disagreements.

Reviewing how we buy products and services

We are also reviewing how government buys ICT products and services, and exploring how we can make ICT procurement a simpler and faster process for everyone involved.