ICT procurement

The Digital Transformation Agency is making it simpler, easier and faster for government departments and agencies to buy Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This page will give you more information about ICT procurement in government.

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The DTA sets up and manages coordinated ICT procurement arrangements that help agencies when buying commonly used ICT products and services.

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What is coordinated procurement?

Coordinated procurement is when government departments and agencies work together to buy products and services they commonly use. This makes it easier for departments and agencies because it:

In collaboration with departments and agencies, the DTA manages a range of ICT coordinated procurement arrangements and contracts.

Buying ICT products for government

The DTA helps government departments and agencies buy the ICT products and services they need.

This is often done through panels and volume sourcing arrangements, and depends on the type of product being purchased.

If you are from a government department or agency, you can find out more about buying ICT products for government.

Selling ICT products to government

Government looks to purchase ICT products and services that demonstrate value for money for the Australian taxpayer.

The government must also follow certain rules when buying goods and services as described in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

If you want to sell ICT products or services to government, learn more about finding opportunities, submitting applications and winning business.

Example ICT Contracts

The DTA has examples of model contracts for buying ICT products or services. These are called the SourceIT model contracts.

SourceIT contracts can help you to buy software or related services that are not covered by a panel or volume sourcing arrangement. They are template contracts that help you to minimise the risk of conflict and disagreements between parties.

The DTA can help with general information on the SourceIT contracts but specific procurement and legal information should be sought from your own department.


The DTA manages ICT coordinated procurement arrangements. These arrangements are formed in line with the coordinated procurement contracting framework overseen by the Department of Finance. The DTA also manages the government’s ICT Contract Capped Term and Value Policy.

Reviewing how we buy products and services

The ICT Procurement Taskforce reviewed how government buys ICT products and services. This review explored how we can make ICT procurement a simpler and faster process for everyone involved.

Contact us

For any questions related to ICT procurement you can contact us at ictprocurement@dta.gov.au

The responsibility for whole of government ICT procurement moved from the Department of Finance to the Digital Transformation Agency in May 2017. This move is part of the agency’s expanded responsibility to deliver on the government’s Digital Transformation Agenda.