• Strategic Planning

    Defines the target state for government’s digital and ICT investment portfolio and identifies capability gaps.
  • The DTA’s BuyICT platform has won the 2021 ACT Project Management Association Award for best project.

    22 December 2021

  • Digital Capability Assessment Process (DCAP)

    The DCAP (formerly known as the Digital Capability Standards [DCS]) is the process the DTA applies to contest digital proposals coming forward in the Budget process to ensure they are aligned with Cabinet-agreed digital policies and standards.
  • Prioritisation

    Prioritises, plans and advises on investments to deliver target state for digital and ICT capability.
  • Digital Review

    The Digital Review delivers a baseline measurement of digital capability across the APS.
  • Sourcing

    Ensures Government obtains the best value for money from digital and ICT-enabled investments.
  • Assurance

    Provides assurance to government that projects are on-track to deliver expected benefits.
  • The DTA’s work on BuyICT.gov.au was announced as the best government project at Monday night’s 2021 Australian Institute of Project Management awards.

    7 March 2022

  • Operations

    Is a direct feedback loop of the successes and areas to improve the AGA and the content that guides agency investments in digital.

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