Updates to our digital sourcing contract templates

8 January 2019

We’ve updated our contract templates to better support buyers and sellers of digital products and services.

As part of our ongoing work to simplify digital sourcing in government, we have refreshed our suite of contract templates.

Our contract templates help government agencies set up commercial agreements with suppliers of digital products and services, including information and communications technology (ICT).

These templates, previously known as SourceIT, have been updated to better support both buyers and sellers. Templates now available support the sourcing of digital products and services in the following categories:

  • digital sourcing (including simple and semi-complex procurements)

  • hardware

  • software (including licencing and/or licencing support)

  • consultancy

You can now download the new suite of contract templates. For general questions, contact the team at ictprocurement@dta.gov.au or on 02 6120 8705.

For media enquiries email us at media@dta.gov.au

For other enquiries email us at info@dta.gov.au