Digital sourcing contract templates

We provide contract templates that make it easier for government agencies to set up contracts with suppliers.

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What our contract templates do

Our contract templates help government agencies set up commercial agreements with suppliers of digital products and services. These include suppliers of information and communications technology (ICT) products and services. These were previously managed by Department of Finance and known as SourceIT.

They don’t necessarily remove the need for professional legal advice, but they make the early stages of agreeing terms easier.

The contract templates are now more user-friendly and flexible. They allow agencies to include project-specific details.

The contract templates support the purchase of products and services for:

  • digital sourcing — this replaces the SourceIT Plus model contract
  • hardware 
  • software (including licencing and/or licencing support)
  • consultancy 

These contracts are not recommended for cloud offerings. We’re exploring options to develop templates suitable for cloud based solutions.

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Download the model contracts

We have tried to make these contracts as accessible as possible. If you have any problems accessing the contracts, contact us at

Digital Sourcing Contract Template

The new Digital Sourcing Contract Template is a replacement for SourceIT Plus.

Government agencies can use it for simple or semi-complex procurement to buy digital products and services.

You should seek specialist advice before using the Digital Sourcing Contract Template. This is to make sure you manage your procurement’s scope and risks effectively.

Download our Digital Sourcing Contract Template (DOCX, 337kb)

Hardware, software and consultancy model contracts

The hardware, software and consultancy contract templates can be used for simple procurement of these services.

Seek specialist advice before using the Digital Sourcing Contract Template. This is to make sure you manage your procurement’s scope and risks effectively.

Download the contracts:

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What is simple procurement?

Simple procurement takes place in situations with well-established routines, methods and procedures.

It usually involves buying standard services or commercial off-the-shelf items where:

  • the level of risk is minimal
  • you can use standard terms and conditions with little or no alteration
  • the goods and services don’t need any development before you receive them
  • value for money considerations are restricted to price, quality, fitness for purpose and compliance with required timeframes and delivery needs
  • you generally pay for the supplies and services after you’ve received them
  • you won’t need specialist legal, contractual, technical or financial advice
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What is semi-complex procurement?

Semi-complex procurement is more complex than simple procurement and involves more preparation in areas such as setting up contracts.

It could include projects which have multiple elements such as system integration, development and support and managed services.

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Complex procurements

We recommend you always seek legal advice for complex procurements such as outsourcing your agency’s IT system.  These contract templates are not suitable for complex procurement.

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