Senate Estimates opening statement

28 October 2019

Randall Brugeaud, our Chief Executive Officer, tabled this opening statement at Senate Estimates on 24 October 2019.

Thank you Chair. I’d like to offer a brief opening statement.

The DTA leads digital transformation in government to make services simple, smart and personalised. We support agencies to make more effective use of digital to improve services and ensure they are accessible.

We work collaboratively across all levels of government on national digital priorities. These include cross-jurisdictional data and digital platforms, services and protocols, building and maintaining public trust, transforming services around life event journeys and delivering a seamless digital identity experience for citizens.

We engage with the private sector to keep up with new approaches and technologies. We help businesses of all sizes better support the needs of government and the community. We also engage internationally to share our experience and learn from the experiences of others.

We have continued to deliver in many important areas, including digital identity, common platforms, capability developing, sourcing reforms and advice on digital and ICT-enabled proposals.

We are making a difference.

Our Corporate Plan for 2019–20 sets out four key priorities:

  1. To deliver whole-of-government strategies, policies and advice to support the government’s digital and ICT agenda.
  2. To design, deliver and support common, government-wide platforms and services that enable digital transformation.
  3. To deliver a program of digital and ICT capability improvement, including sourcing, to enhance capability and skills across the APS. And;
  4. To drive collaboration and partnerships to enable and accelerate the digital transformation of government services.

After the May election, the DTA moved as an Executive Agency into the Social Services Portfolio. This allows us to work more closely with Services Australia to drive digital transformation across government.

While digital provides an enormous opportunity to improve service delivery, it is more than just technology. Digital is about applying cultures, business models, processes and technologies to respond to the needs and expectations of all Australians.

Doing this well is the DTA’s reason for being.

Senators, I thank you for the opportunity to provide an opening statement and we look forward to taking your questions.

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