Opportunity to create dynamic career pathway visualisations

17 March 2020

We’re looking for innovative approaches to visualising digital career pathways. 

We’ve listed the opportunity on the Digital Marketplace until 3 April 2020. If you think you might have the interest, capability, and capacity to help, we would love to hear your ideas. To submit a response through the Digital Marketplace you need to register as a seller. There is time for you to register and be approved before the closing date if you act quickly.

Career paths for digital roles

We’re looking for a better and more engaging way for people to navigate their career path options in the Australian Public Service. We currently have around 150 typical digital roles in our Digital Career Pathways dataset.

People exploring career options may find many roles that match their skills to various degrees. We want people to easily see the similarities and differences between their capability and the roles that interest them.

Value add — learning and mobility

We want people to use the tool to identify their capability gaps. From there they can develop a learning plan to fill those gaps. Then we can help people start by linking learning resources to each capability in the roles.

An example of a learning resource is secondment, though these can sometimes be hard to find. Since we have already captured an individual’s capabilities, a simple extension would be to match those capabilities to those government agencies require. From there, we can make a connection between a person, their capabilities and a career opportunity.

We don’t expect your solution to link to all the relevant learning resources at first — but it does need to have that capability. This is an exciting and innovative approach to career pathways in the APS, so that government is fully prepared and equipped for a digital future.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please email us at capability@dta.gov.au.

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For other enquiries email us at info@dta.gov.au