Next steps for our new Digital Sourcing Framework

12 June 2018

Today we are releasing a Digital Sourcing Framework after a period of public consultation, to guide policy and decision making.

The Digital Sourcing Framework is at the centre of a series of reforms to make ICT procurement a simpler and faster process for everyone involved.

The draft framework was developed by an exemplar team made up of representatives from seven different government departments. During their research they spoke with companies who sell to government as well as those in government who manage procurement to understand the barriers and difficulties with current policies and processes.

What you told us

In April 2018 we asked for your feedback on a new ICT procurement framework for the digital age.

We received hundreds of comments from more than 12 government departments and 20 private sector businesses, many of them small and medium enterprises.

The feedback showed that there is broad support across government and industry for the principles of the framework.

We heard that there needs to be clearer guidance on compliance and monitoring responsibilities, and more tools to support the purchasing process.

We received feedback for government buyers to better manage sellers:

  • making improvements to notification timeframes
  • processes to advise unsuccessful vendors
  • milestone payments for vendors working on long contracts
  • clarity on the number of contracts going to SMEs

We also received feedback on the policies under the framework.

We’d like to thank everyone that responded for their contribution to help to build better ways for government to buy and sell digital products and services. We greatly appreciate the time you gave us.

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