Digital Sourcing Framework for ICT procurement

We’ve put together a framework to help you buy digital products and services.

Our Digital Sourcing Framework is a set of principles, policies and guidance showing you how to buy digital products and services.

It includes:

The digital sourcing framework describes the way all the elements of the framework fit together. There are 4 rows. The first, 'Principles', includes the 7 principles listed on this page. The second row, 'Policies', includes the four policies linked on this page. The third row, 'Capabilties', includes 'Information Hub', 'Training and Development', and 'Digital Sourcing Network. The fourth row includes 5 marketplaces, 'Digital Marketplace', 'Software Marketplace', 'Hardware Marketplace', 'Cloud Marketplace', and 'Whole-of-government Arrangements'.

Caption: the Digital Sourcing Framework. Please select to view a larger version.

The first phase of the Digital Sourcing Framework went live in June 2018.

It was previously called the ICT Procurement Framework. The new name reflects the broad definition of ‘digital’ and includes information and communications technology (ICT).

Digital is rapidly evolving and so over-arching that limiting the framework only to ICT would not cover everything it needs to.

For this reason the framework covers many areas falling under the digital umbrella. These range from policy, data and design, to build and maintenance, and digital marketing.

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How we designed the framework

We worked with representatives from a number of government agencies to design the framework. Together we based our decisions on extensive research and a public consultation.

In this spirit of co-design we’re committed to making sure the framework reflects the needs of buyers and sellers and it is aligned to our international obligations.

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The principles of the framework

Under the framework, agencies remain responsible for buying their own digital products and services. 

We’ve developed best-practice principles to guide you when you’re sourcing digital products and services. These principles are:

  • encourage competition
  • be innovative and iterate often
  • be structured in a way that lets small and medium enterprises (SMEs) compete fairly to provide components of large ICT projects
  • be outcomes-focused
  • use open standards and cloud first
  • minimise cyber-security risks
  • avoid duplication by not building platforms other agencies have already built
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Give us your feedback

We’re keen to hear your feedback to make sure the Digital Sourcing Framework meets your needs. 

Please get in touch with us to let us know what you think of it.

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