New APS Career Pathfinder tool

19 October 2020

Have you thought about your next career move? Are you interested in a new role in digital in government?

To help people who are interested in getting a digital role in government, we have done a lot of work with digital practitioners and government agencies to determine the skills you would need. That data has been available on for a while, but it is not so easy to explore a raw database like this.

In response, we are developing a tool called 'APS Career Pathfinder' to help you explore your potential career options. Based fully on the data in, this tool lets you explore digital roles based on your current skills and/or interests.

We have released the first stage (Alpha Prototype) for public testing and feedback. We are still working on some important features like accessibility and links to learning solutions. There is enough available now for you to explore a rich set of roles, and to let us know if we are heading in the right direction.

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Details about the alpha tool, including how to provide feedback, are available below.

Information on the Alpha Prototype tool

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