Measuring and understanding online behaviour

19 April 2018

We are now offering Australian public servants free monthly training and their agencies discounted rates on the Google Analytics 360 suite.

A presenter demonstrates the use of Google Analytics 360 in front of an audience. On a screen is a picture of a hedge maze.
Caption: A recent training session with Data Runs Deep

With 250,000 people visiting the DTA website since it launched in 2016, analytics help us measure the performance of our digital services and gain insight on how people experience the site.

To help other agencies measure their own impact online, we offer free training and discounted rates for Google Analytics 360.

Why paid rather than free?

Many government agencies use Google Analytics in some form, whether paid or free versions. Given that popularity, it made sense for us to secure good rates for Commonwealth agencies and offer training for people to make the most of it.

The paid Google Analytics 360 product has benefits over the free version including more metrics, more flexible and customisable reporting, higher data sampling and export limits, as well as faster processing time for more up-to-date data.

Other web analytics tools are available and each organisation should choose what’s best for them. For those using Google Analytics, our whole-of-government subscription makes that easier.

Subscribe your organisation

There are two options to subscribe to Google Analytics 360 through the DTA.

For agencies that generate less than 1 million hits a month across all their sites, subscription is free. For those that generate more than 1 million hits a month, fees apply at government rates, with agencies only paying for what they use.

For agencies that already have a free version of Google Analytics, we’re making it easy to switch to more insights. Find out more or subscribe by emailing

Take advantage of free monthly training

We run free monthly training for anyone in the Australian public service who has access to their website analytics and would like to do more with them. Held over one day and split between an introductory morning and a more ‘in depth’ afternoon, we’ve been testing this training in beta phase and are grateful to the 100 people from 30 organisations involved so far.

The morning and afternoon modules for our May training session are nearly booked out, but you can now register your people for early June on Eventbrite.

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