11 Measure performance

Measure performance against KPIs set out in the guides. Report on public dashboard.

Why it’s in the Standard

Every service must aim for continuous improvement. Metrics are an important starting point for discussions about a service’s strengths and weaknesses. By identifying and capturing the right metrics - with the right tools - you can make sure all your decisions to improve the service are supported by data.

Key performance indicators

All services must, at a minimum, measure 4 KPIs.

There will be other metrics your service needs to measure and monitor to understand how it is performing, such as:


The Performance Dashboard collects service data and presents it in a consistent and structured format. This is important so that you can:

How you’ll be assessed

You’ll have started early measurement activity during Discovery with your user research dashboard.

You will need to consider how you’ll measure your service in more detail as you enter Alpha. By the end of Alpha you should have:

By the end of Beta you will be able to show:

During the public Beta stage you’ll have been able to test your methods for data collection, validated that the data is accurate, and published service performance data on the Performance Dashboard.

As you go live you should be able to show service data on the Performance Dashboard and improvement to the service based on performance data.

Your data should show:

Measuring service performance

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Last updated: 22 February 2017