COVIDSafe provides valuable COVID-19 statistics in Australia

14 September 2020

Today’s update to COVIDSafe provides users with real-time statistics about the number of cases in Australia and in each state and territory.

Since launch, the DTA – with the support of users and the tech community – has continued to make iterative enhancements to COVIDSafe, focusing on performance, privacy and accessibility.

The Australian community can have confidence that their privacy and security is protected. We encourage all Australians to download and use or upgrade the app, to help fight the spread of COVID-19. COVIDSafe works best when it is active. Open your app when you are out in public or around other people.

We know COVIDSafe has helped the dedicated work of Australia’s manual contact tracers. It has been used to quickly find and notify close contacts that were unknown to the person who tested positive.

The iOS update is now available. The Android update will be available in the Google Play Store shortly.

COVIDSafe now provides up-to-date information about Australia’s response to COVID-19. In this release, we have started with case numbers. Users can be informed of developments across the country, while also benefitting from COVIDSafe’s contact tracing capability.

This update also improves battery performance on some Android devices with COVIDSafe.

As with all other releases, we have made the source code available for review.

Update details

COVID-19 Case Statistics

In response to user feedback, new statistics on COVID-19 in Australia are now available in COVIDSafe. You can regularly access updated statistics about the total number of cases across Australia, including in each state or territory. This allows users to stay informed about recent developments, with easy access to valuable user information.

Improved Android Battery Performance

The update improves battery performance on some Android devices with COVIDSafe. We have worked with Google on a functional enhancement to further optimise battery usage.

COVIDSafe is a system

COVIDSafe is a combination of the COVIDSafe app that users have installed on their mobile device – and the Health Portal that State and Territory health officials (contact tracers) use to identify close contacts. Improvements made to the app and Health Portal mean contact tracers are better able to establish and identify close contacts.

These improvements can compensate for Bluetooth performance variabilities on the mobile device if they occur. The Australian community can have confidence the app is working securely and effectively.

We have updated the publicly available application source code for iOS in line with the recent release. Android code will be made available once the update is available in the Google Play Store. We continue to engage with the technology community, and people can provide direct feedback within the source code repository.

We are currently working on the next update to the COVIDSafe app.

Visit the COVIDSafe website for more information or to access the application source code.

Cryptography specification

As part of our commitment to transparency, we’ve also released the COVIDSafe Cryptography Specification. We have worked with our colleagues in our national security agencies to be sure of the best security and privacy protections for all COVIDSafe app users. The COVIDSafe Cryptography Specification helps explain how encryption within COVIDSafe works.

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