Australia and Vietnam to collaborate on digital transformation

29 August 2019

The Australian Government has signed a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam furthering our commitment to regional collaboration on e-government and digital transformation.

The MoU was signed with the Vietnam Office of the Government and the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, Ms Robyn Mudie, on behalf of the Digital Transformation Agency.

Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Transformation Agency, Mr Randall Brugeaud, said that the MoU will assist in expanding cooperation between Australia and Vietnam on digital transformation.

“Digital transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. It is both a challenge and an opportunity that governments around the world are all facing. We cannot underestimate the value of sharing expertise and learning from our international counterparts.

“This MoU with Vietnam provides a significant opportunity to collaborate and formally facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge.”

This agreement will enable the government officials from both countries to share their digital transformation experience and build capability across the region.

The Australian Government has also recently pledged to bolster economic and security ties with Vietnam as part of a strategic partnership in the Asia Pacific region.

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