The DTA continues to explore ways to securely and efficiently deliver government services using modern technologies, and has recently evaluated blockchain.

We have undertaken Discovery work on blockchain’s current maturity, its readiness for government to adopt it and whether blockchain can help agencies deliver better government services.

Advice for agencies

Agencies are increasingly looking at blockchain as a new way of using and exchanging secure data with each other.

It is the DTA's current position that blockchain is an emerging technology worthy of ongoing observation. However, without standardisation and additional work, for many uses of blockchain, there are currently other mature technologies that may be more suitable for immediate use.

We recommend agencies who are considering technical solutions focus on addressing the needs of the users and exploring solutions to meet that need, rather than primarily on a particular technology. 

The following guidance is for agencies who are investigating potential blockchain applications, as its current limitations should not stop agencies searching for innovative ways to share and use data across organisations. 

Agencies should continue to monitor blockchain developments and look for opportunities to enhance service delivery, which this technology may unlock in the future.

We have written a blockchain overview for Australian government employees which supports the findings from the US government agency, National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) blockchain technology overview.