Top 5 for digital government: Australia’s debut on the OECD Digital Government Index

Australia ranks 5th in its first engagement with Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Digital Government Index (DGI). Read more to find out how Australia compares.

Australia has long been recognised as a global leader in digital government, reflected by the many foreign nations who turn to us for expertise.

The 2023 DGI highlights Australia’s strengths compared against 38 participating countries from January 2020 to October 2022. These include our:

  • Utilisation of digital solutions to streamline citizen engagement with government services;
  • Oversight and evaluation of digital projects to ensure real value is delivered;
  • Collaborative efforts in delivering a national strategy in service design; and
  • Strengthening of security and resilience of digital public infrastructure.

“Our debut in the top 5 of the 2023 Digital Government Index is an outstanding achievement that independently affirms Australia’s digital government capability,” said Finance Minister Katy Gallagher.

Australia’s world-leading digital government, quantified

The DGI helps countries understand their digital government maturity against the dimensions of the OECD Digital Government Policy Framework. Australia scored highly against:

  • Digital by design, 97%. Examining our willingness to use digital solutions to simplify engagement with citizens.
  • Data driven, 77%. Reviewed how effectively Australia establishes the governance, access, sharing and re-use of data for service delivery.
  • Acts as platform, 74%. Gauges access public servants have to digital solutions to effectively deliver crucial services.
  • User-driven, 83%. How effectively Australia places people’s needs and convenience at the centre of their service delivery.
  • Proactive, 75%. Investigates how well Australia pre-empts the needs of its citizens for rapid response.

“Australia’s overall score was 75.3%, well ahead of the OECD average of 60.5%,” said Minister Gallagher. “This ranking was earned thanks to our strengths digital project evaluation, collaboration in development of strategies, and service design and delivery”.

The OECD recognised Australia’s commitment to robust cybersecurity of digital public infrastructure through legislation and the establishment of a dedicated cybersecurity bodies. Further, we were acknowledged for our leadership in developing a skilled digital workforce. The OECD highlighted how Australia attracts, builds, and retains skilled professionals.

Finally, Australia was highlighted for its vast potential to facilitate international collaboration and seamless digital interactions for citizens and businesses given our secure and interoperable digital identity frameworks.

How we’ll keep up the great work

The DGI survey process, coordinated by the Digital Transformation Agency, received contributions from over two dozen departments and agencies. This is another example of the collaboration that enables Australia’s outstanding debut result – and world-leading digital capabilities.

Cross-government collaboration will continue to drive transformation in areas of growth identified by the DGI, such as better anticipating user needs, developing new policy levers and exploring how we can spearhead the use of emerging technologies.

Australia’s future participation in the DGI will continue to be important as we track our progress implementing our strategy and initiatives, including:

Each of these initiatives are vital steps to continue building Australia’s digital capability.

“These initiatives, plus many others, will contribute to Australia maintaining and improving Australia’s ranking come the next Digital Government Index,” says Wayne Poels, the acting Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Transformation Agency.

“By aligning to the Strategy, its missions, and outcomes, the Australian Public Service will be well placed to drive up its score even closer to 100%.”

“We will continue to work to improve Australia’s ranking come the next Digital Government Index which, ultimately, will underpin better outcomes for citizens and businesses,” adds Mr Poels

Explore the 2023 DGI and Australia’s ranking on the OECD website.

If you want to learn how your agency can contribute to Australia’s next index survey, reach out to the DTA’s International and Strategic Engagement team at