A new Lifecycle to support your digital sourcing journey

Do you or someone in your team need to source digital products or services? If so, we’re here to help! Introducing the new Digital Sourcing Lifecycle.


'Digital sourcing’ describes the full end-to-end process of procuring a digital product or service. It begins at the moment a need is identified and continues all the way through to negotiating the final contract and managing the delivery.

The Digital Sourcing Lifecycle supports a strategic approach to digital sourcing. This will help buyers access modern, innovative solutions and navigate through complex tasks to achieve better digital investments. It encourages a consistent approach to digital sourcing activities across the whole of government by providing guidance and support for all three stages of digital sourcing:

  • Plan: Identify your needs and the available solutions
  • Source: Research your options to approach the market to find the right fit for you, then sign the contract and notify sellers of the outcome
  • Manage: Seller performance management and reviewing end-of-life considerations.

User research into government sourcing shows a strong need for a consistent pathway or map for digital sourcing that can be used by people with different levels of experience. Internal procurement guides can be helpful, but they often only show part of the journey. They are usually designed for general procurement and often exclude specific digital considerations.

The DTA puts user needs at the centre of our platform, tool and content development. Our user research has helped us to change the way policy is developed and improve the digital sourcing experience. This user-centred approach has led to the development of the new Digital Sourcing Lifecycle and will continue to guide us in future iterations and improvements.

For more information on the Digital Sourcing Lifecyle, visit buyict.gov.au