Explaining DTA Marketplaces and Whole of Government Agreements

We’re releasing the first in a series of explainer videos to help government buyers and sellers of digital goods and services connect with each other.

Our marketplaces and Whole of Government agreements connect government buyers with sellers of digital goods and services. They are designed to make buying and selling simple, clear and fast. We offer a wide range of commonly purchased digital goods and services, such as:

  • hardware
  • software
  • digital consultants and specialists
  • telecommunications
  • cloud.

Our Whole of Government agreements are established between the Australian Government and individual sellers of digital products or services, to give buyers the best terms, conditions and pricing. We have established agreements with:

  • AWS
  • Concur
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Rimini Street
  • SAP.

We have created a user centred experience for our marketplaces and agreements. For government agencies, buying through the DTA’s marketplaces and agreements ensures access to the government’s buying power and latest technology, supported by pre-negotiated contracts. For sellers, it is easier to access the government market and showcase your products and services. 

Learn more about buying for government or selling to government by watching the video and going to buyict.gov.au.