Commonwealth Child Safety Framework 2023

The DTA is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children through the promotion and maintenance of a culture that does not permit or tolerate child abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Under requirement 4 of the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework (CCSF), the DTA is required to publish an annual statement of compliance.

The DTA plays a central role in driving the Australian Government’s digital transformation by providing digital and ICT strategy and policy leadership, investment advice, strategic sourcing and delivery oversight. The DTA currently has nil interaction with children and young people across our activities and functions.

A preliminary risk assessment was completed in 2021, which assessed the overall child safety risk rating for the DTA as ‘low’. A review of child safety risks in 2023 within the DTA has identified there are infrequent occasions which might bring staff in contact with children and young people in the workplace when a staff member bring their children to the workplace. With the DTA adopting flexible work arrangements parents and carers can now work remotely, further reducing the likelihood of this occurrence. Accordingly, the DTA considers the child safety risk rating remains ‘low’.

Under requirement 2 of the Framework, to raise awareness and understanding the DTA offers staff training on the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework through our on-line learning and development system. Based on the nature of our business DTA staff do not require working with Children and Vulnerable People checks and mandatory reporting obligations are unlikely to apply.

Whilst many of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations do not apply based on the nature of our business, we support the spirit of the principles and openly encourage awareness and mindfulness amongst our staff that child protection is everyone’s responsibility.

We will further strengthen our practices to:

  • establish and embed processes under the DTA’s risk management framework to conduct risk assessments in line with CCSF annually.
  • embed child safety and wellbeing in our leadership, culture and governance.
  • continue to update and improve training modules and policies related to child safety and the CCSF.

The above listed measures, to the extent relevant the DTA, complies with the 4 requirements of the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework.

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