Annual Report 2016–17: 1. Agency overview

An overview of the Digital Transformation Agency.


Chief Executive Officer's review

I am pleased to present the 2016–17 annual report for the Digital Transformation Agency, which outlines the progress we have made to move more government services to digital channels, improve the user experience and achieve better returns on the government’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) spend.

I was delighted to be appointed as Chief Executive Officer on 1 May 2017 and thank my predecessor Nerida O’Loughlin for her leadership while she was interim CEO.

Over the past year, the agency has delivered and progressed important programs of work and has taken on new ICT and digital functions as a result of a new and strengthened remit.

This included taking responsibility for ICT procurement, a new oversight and advisory role of the government’s major ICT projects and managing the government’s ICT entry-level programs.

Among our achievements, we set up a Digital Investment Management Office to provide oversight and advice to government on its whole ICT and digital project portfolio.

We developed and delivered a performance dashboard for agencies to publicly report on how their services are performing and we expanded our Digital Marketplace platform to deliver better opportunities for government and the private sector to do business.

We have progressed a whole-of-government content strategy to improve the content government websites deliver to users, and a strategy to move more government agencies onto secure cloud.

Our partnerships work with agencies to develop, deliver and improve their service delivery has helped to build digital skills capability in public service teams.

By adopting agile project methodologies, applying the Digital Service Standard and drawing on our stock of tools and guides, skills are transferred to public service staff working in joint project teams. Our work with the Department of Human Services to deliver important improvements to the myGov portal is a good example of this.

With the ICT entry-level programs moving within our remit, we have also supported the recruitment of exciting new talent joining the public service as ICT apprentices, cadets and graduates. The new recruits are part of our digital future and will play an instrumental role in helping to uplift digital capability across government.

I believe the DTA is well positioned to support the government’s key objectives, which are to:

  1. move more services to digital channels
  2. improve the user experience for individuals and businesses
  3. improve the return on ICT and digital investment.

For the coming year, we will focus on:

  • developing a digital transformation roadmap
  • delivering and improving shared digital platforms
  • overseeing and advising on ICT and digital investment
  • transforming ICT procurement
  • building Australian Public Service ICT and digital capability.

I look forward to working with our colleagues across the public service and the private sector to deliver on these priorities.

I am excited about the opportunities ahead and thank the DTA for its commitment to leading the transformation work.

Gavin Slater's signature.

Gavin Slater

Chief Executive Officer

Evolution of the DTA

Demand for digital government services has been rapidly growing for many years. People are more reliant on digital channels than ever before, and expect a quick and simple engagement with government, just as they have with business.

The DTA was established in response to this user need. It was also important to break down government siloes that limited innovation and instead benefit from shared experiences, insights and platforms. By building digital capability within government we can ensure that our people and infrastructure are prepared for the digital innovations of the future.

January–March 2015: Establishment of DTO announced

On 23 January 2015, the Prime Minister and the Minister for Communications jointly announced that a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) would be established. The Order to Establish the Digital Transformation Office as an Executive Agency was signed by the Governor-General on 12 March 2015.

1 July 2015: DTO CEO appointed

The DTO was established as an executive agency under the Public Service Act 1999 and housed within the Department of Communications. Paul Shetler was appointed inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Transformation Office.

21 September 2015: DTO transferred to Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio

The DTO was transferred to the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio overseen by the Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation.

14 October 2016: DTA announced

The government announced the formation of the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to absorb the DTO and extend its functions to include oversight over major ICT projects, increasing transparency of these projects and accelerating the delivery of the digital transformation agenda.

24 October 2016: DTA Interim CEO appointed

Nerida O’Loughlin started as interim CEO of the DTA.

27 October 2016: Orders to rename agency signed

The order to rename the Digital Transformation Office and specify functions for the Digital Transformation Agency was signed by the Governor-General and came into effect. (Appendix A)

15 December 2016: Machinery-of-government change one

Machinery-of-government changes transferred responsibility and resources for whole-of-government ICT policy and strategy functions from the Department of Finance to the DTA.

April–May 2017: DTA CEO appointed

On 5 April 2017, the appointment of Gavin Slater as Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Transformation Agency was announced. He took up the role as CEO on 1 May 2017.

18 May 2017: Machinery-of-government change two

Machinery-of-government changes transferred the whole-of-government ICT coordinated procurement functions from the Department of Finance to the DTA.

Organisation structure

Organisational structure as at 30 June, 2017.

Organisation structure of the DTA executive as at June 30, 2017. Chief Executive Officer Gavin Slater, Enabling Services Radi Kovacevic, Stretegy and Communications Genine Johnson, Policy, Partnerships and Capability Jose del Rio, ICT Procurement, Delivery and Assurance Peter Alexander

Caption: organisational structure as at 30 June, 2017.

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Leadership team

Chief Executive Officers 2016–17

Gavin Slater

Chief Executive Officer

Commenced role at the Digital Transformation Agency on 1 May 2017

Nerida O’Loughlin

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Digital Transformation Agency

24 October 2016–30 April 2017

Paul Shetler

Chief Executive Officer

Digital Transformation Office 1 July 2015–22 October 2016

Executive team

Radi Kovacevic

Enabling Services

Genine Johnson

Strategy and Communications

Jose Del Rio

Policy, Partnerships and Capability

Peter Alexander

ICT Procurement, Delivery and Assurance

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