DTA organisation structure

Chief Executive Officer - Gavin Slater

Enabling Services

Radi Kovacevic

  • Finance, risk and procurement
  • People Services
  • Business Services and Technology
  • Ministerial and parliamentary services

Strategy and Communications

Genine Johnson

  • Strategy, media and communications
  • Reputational management/ horizon scanning
  • Communication products, including website
  • Internal communications, events support and DTA brand management
  • DTA engagement project
  • Design, AV and multimedia

Policy, Partnerships and Capability

Jose Del Rio

Daniel Keys, Leisa Reichelt and Terri Dreyer

  • WofG ICT and digital strategies, policies and roadmaps
  • Partnerships
  • Capability, including guidance, tools, training and skills

ICT Procurement, Delivery and Assurance

Peter Alexander

Catherine Thompson, Angela Chow, Drew Andison, Martin Ward, Mundi Tomlinson and Jeff Moss
  • ICT Procurement
  • ICT Strategic Sourcing
  • Digital Marketplace
  • Digital Identity (Govpass)
  • Digital Investment Management office
  • Portfolio Office



Capability leads

Jose Del Rio, Leisa Reichelt and Peter Alexander

  • Technology
  • Product and performance
  • Agile delivery
  • User-centred design
  • Digital Service Standard