Secure government systems

The prioritisation process involves an assessment of each proposal against six criteria.

  • Ease of individuals’ engagement with government
  • Efficiency for businesses, industry and other organisations
  • Government productivity
  • Government reputation
  • Government future readiness
  • Secure government systems

The extent to which the proposed digital or ICT investment safeguards the security of government information and digital resources through enhanced cyber security proportionate to the threat environment or mitigates risks that would make government information and digital resources vulnerable. Investments that might score well against this criterion include those which:

  • will positively contribute to protecting government networks from the growing threat of malicious cyber activity
  • enhance cyber security and incident response capability across government
  • contributes to managing national security risks through improving cyber and data security arrangements
  • improve implementation of cyber security requirements, including the Essential Eight
  • align with Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy.