The strategy roadmap consists of 3 stages:

  • Horizon 1 – Immediate
    The key foundational structures to enable agency and industry engagement with the whole-of-government approach to hosting services.
  • Horizon 2 – Medium term
    Work with agencies, industry and relevant stakeholders to establish the Digital Infrastructure Service.
  • Horizon 3 – Long term
    Deliver the outcomes and maturity benefits.

Horizon 1 – Immediate

  1. Establish the strategy governance.
  2. Update data centre panel contracts with ownership and control assurances.
  3. Develop the operating model for the Digital Infrastructure Service.
  4. Investigate and develop relevant business cases for telecommunications networks that connect data centres.

Horizon 2 – Medium term (2019–2020)

  1. Establish the Digital Infrastructure Service, including:
    1. Develop the Hosting Certification Framework to address ownership and supply chain risk.
    2. Engage with industry and third-party supply chain providers.
  2. Undertake assessments including:
    1. Initial certification of data centre providers.
    2. Initial supply chain assessments.

Horizon 3 – Long term (2020–2022)

  1. Expand and operationalise the Digital Infrastructure Service, including:
    1. Mature the hosting certification processes.
    2. Mature the supply chain assessment processes.
    3. Identify further opportunities for a centralised hosting service.