Hosting Certification Framework

The Hosting Certification Framework has been developed to operationalise the principles outlined in the whole-of-government Hosting Strategy, and to support the secure management of government systems and data

The Framework will assist agencies to mitigate against supply chain and data centre ownership risks, and enable them to identify and source appropriate hosting and related services.

The Framework will continue to be iterated to ensure the Government’s commitment to digital security can be met, and so Australians can have trust in government systems and the information they hold.

After reviewing the Framework, providers can register their interest to apply for certification by sending an email to

For a list of certified providers, visit the Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel on

Providers certified under the Framework:

Cloud Services

Service Provider and Certified Strategic Service:

  • AUCloud – Government Cloud Service offering
  • Amazon Web Services – Government Cloud Service offering (Australian Region)
  • Sliced Tech Pty Ltd – Government Cloud Service offering
  • Vault Cloud – Government Cloud Service offering (Australia).

Data Centre facilities

Service Provider and Certified Strategic Facility:

  • Australian Data Centres – Canberra - Mitchell
  • Canberra Data Centres – H1, H2, H3, H4, F1, F2, EC1, EC2 and EC3
  • Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd – IC4 and IC5.

Service Provider and Certified Strategic Enclave:

  • Equinix Australia – CA1, SY3, SY4, SY5, SY6, SY7, PE2 and ME4
  • Fujitsu Australia – Western Sydney and Homebush
  • Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd – IC1, IC2 and IC3
  • NEXTDC – Perth 1 and 2, Sydney 1 and 2, Melbourne 1 and 2, Brisbane 1 and 2, and Canberra 1

For further information visit the Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel on

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