Mapping and analysis

We conduct research and analysis to create a strong evidence base to influence and inform user-centred design across government on key life events.

What we do

Through a Discovery process, we gather and analyse findings from:

  • existing research
  • quantitative data
  • subject matter experts
  • primary research (for example, contextual inquiries or observatory research).​

This creates an evidence base to help identify pain points that exists within the journey and opportunities to improve the user experience of people interacting with government.  

This approach allows us to:

  • focus on people’s broader needs - unconstrained by service, agencies or jurisdictional silos 
  • look at the problem holistically and identify common or systemic problems that impact the way people access services
  • show the relationship between services, service gaps, duplication, and when pain points are caused by people interacting with multiple services at the same time.
  • find opportunities to better connect products and services to provide a seamless end to end journey, no matter which agencies or jurisdictions.

By cross-analysing multiple life event journeys, we identify common pain points that occur across different journeys to help inform whole-of-government service improvements. ​


At the end of Discovery, we create life event journey maps to communicate the findings and different layers of information. We identify pain points and ideate on opportunities for service improvements to share with responsible agencies. Selected hypotheses can then be tested in an Alpha to validate whether they meet user needs.

How we can work with you

We provide access to our database of research and findings across life events. You can use this information to improve user experience and prioritise delivery efforts to help you:

  • inform new pieces of work​
  • progress relevant opportunities
  • ​position work and inform targeted research and design.

Get in touch

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