Life event communities

We bring agencies and jurisdictions together to connect current initiatives, understand the shared problem space and identify opportunities.

What we do

The GovX Life Event Communities aims to influence and transform the way government delivers services to people.

We achieve this by:

  • connecting with agencies to help solve complex problems, so users can have a seamless experience with government
  • bringing like-minded professionals together in an informal and accessible way, to address ways to overcome traditional barriers to collaboration
  • making sure agencies at all levels of government, and non-government groups have input into the improvement of government services
  • creating a space to build productive working relationships, and share resources and information to develop a deep understanding of people’s needs
  • reinforcing the need for government services to be designed around user needs.


The communities create a shared understanding of the life event approach across all levels of government. ​We share findings and journey maps within online communities, and cross jurisdictional projects and programs of work.

We can work with you by:

  • connecting with agencies, learning about existing work, and accessing research and templates
  • facilitating cross-jurisdictional, multi-agency workshops on priority life events ​
  • providing advice and support on life event initiatives.

Get in touch

For more information or to learn more about GovX please visit Life Event Communities or email