Text description of the Digital Platforms Strategy Framework

The strategic context as it relates to the vision, expected benefits and outcomes, strategic alignment, goals, principles, keys to success and the operating model.

Strategic context

  1.  Why do we need digital platforms?
  2. Expected benefits and outcomes
  3. Strategic alignment and dependencies

Digital platforms vision

Whole-of-government digital platforms will enable the government’s digital transformation, making it easier for people and businesses to deal with government, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of departments and agencies as they deliver superior policy outcomes and service quality for the benefit of all Australians.

  1. Digital platform goals
  2. Strategic principles

6 keys to success

  1. build trust and confidence
  2. transform our culture, skills and capabilities
  3. use technology an data to connect and unify government services
  4. strengthen digital leadership, governance and accountabilities
  5. address funding and legislative barriers
  6. foster collaboration and innovation across government and beyond

Digital platforms operating model

  • funding
  • governance
  • role of the market
  • technology and data
  • performance
  • skills and capabilities
  • capabilities and processes
  • organisation

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